Bergen Gruppen AS is a contractor that provide all craft services in one process. Turnkey contracts covering piping, bathrooms, carpentry services, and roofing rehabilitation are main focus areas. The group has been assisted in the process of becoming Environmental Lighthouse Certified by Internsikring AS, and through the certification process developed recognized and effective tools that provide the business with competitive advantages in creating sustainability.

By certification the group thus meet environmental requirements in public procurement, through a systematic work on waste management, energy use, and transport. This is an advantage both for the environment and the company`s economy, where measurement and planning produce profitable result. In addition to certification Internsikring AS also provide management system and HSE – services for Bergen Gruppen AS.

Stian Harborg Skare
Daglig leder

LAB AS is Vestlands largest turnkey contractor, specializing in development and construction of large contracts, in both interaction and competition. They carry out their own production on concrete, and have a fixed crew of 95 people in the concrete industry and a staff 80 people. LAB Entreprenør AS has a normal annual turnover of around NOK 1,4 billion, of which aprrox. 60 per cent is aimed at private businesses, and the remainder is work done for public builders.

LAB Entreprenør AS has received assistance for environmental lighthouse certification from Internsikring AS. This is part of an internal setting where continuous improvement is a natural part of everyday life. An environmental lighthouse certification documents environmental efforts and social responsibility through systematic environmental work in everyday life. Through certification, LAB Entreprenør AS has shown that they meet the requirements, and implement measures for environmental friendly operations and a good working environment.

Ole Reidar Fauske

Amesto specializes in outsourcing services. We help every kind of company, from single-person companies to listed companies with accounting, salaries and HR services. We provide secure and efficient outsourcing of the financial function.

Amestos office in Bergen consists of 21 employees and 330 customers. Accountants and wage specialists can take over or perform part of the job. As Regional Director, I am very pleased with the cooperation with Internsikring AS, and to achieve a seamless integration between Internsikring AS's Touch System and various accounting programs.

Caroline Gjerding
Regional Director

KPMG is a leading competence house that offers audit, tax, fee and consulting services. KPMG got branches in 28 cities in Norway, and 120 employees in Bergen. Internsikring AS delivered HSE - courses, have had a comprehensive review and mapping of the company workplace assessment.

It included a review of the daily life of the employees, and how the conditions in the work situation, is taken into account ergonomically. Following this assessment, advice and guidance was given on preventive and health promotion measures, to counteract abrasion and disease. The work was concluded with a report from the ergonomist at Internsikring AS.


Mini Maskin AS was founded in 1996 and currently has 40 employees, many of them with a long, and wide experience.

We use Internsikring AS`s HSE and quality system, and are very pleased with the system. It makes our everyday work a lot easier.

We use the check lists on small and large projects, for BKK and similar clients.

Minimaskin AS
Eirik Strand

Builder Tommy Jensen is a carpentry company from Åndalsnes. We are a family-owned company with short lines of command and quick decisions. We are part of the Byggtorget chain, which is Norway's largest in all types of building materials.

We are a customer of Internsikring AS and have since 2009 used their system for quality assurance and HSE. We are very pleased with their system that we use actively in our operations. Internal security has also assisted us with Central Approval for a number of years.

Byggmester Tommy Jensen
Tommy Jensen

The company was founded in 1988, but has over 40 years of experience in the industry.

The main assignments in recent years have been rehabilitation of houses, extensions, and the construction of cottages.

Østevold Bygg has a management system through Internsikring AS, together with HMS cards, and has completed system user training and meets requirements for the industry.

Alfa Varme og Pipetknikk AS specialize in renovation of pipes / chimneys. They also perform fireplaces and specialize in fireplaces, baking stoves, stoves etc. They deliver their goods and services in central eastern Norway.

Internsikring AS has assisted Alfa Heating og Pipeteknikk AS with applying for central approval and Alfa has at the present day central approval on applicant, engineering, execution, control engineering and control design on buildings and installations in action class 1.

Alfa Varme og Pipetknikk AS

Staren AS

Staren AS carries out all types of excavation works and has special experience in road, hydropower and mass handling / replacement.

Internsikring AS performed assistance on search for central approval. Staren AS holds at the present day Central approval on construction work and landscaping in action class 2.

Staren AS

Thorsteinsen Entreprenør AS

Thorsteinsen Entreprenør AS was started in 2004 and has 14 employees and can deliver turnkey projects. The company deals with everything from casting garage floors, to building housing blocks. Among customers are private individuals as well as professional builders. The assignments range from single-family homes to huts, residential areas, walls, bridges and industrial projects.

Thorsteinsen Entreprenør AS use Internsikrings management system and in cooperation with us has completed the HSE setup. Internsikring AS has been responsible for the renewal of central approval, which they hold in Action Class 2.

We have used Intersikring two times for assistance in the central approval process. First time for 3 years ago, and now in the spring of 2021 with a new central approval.

We experience them as knowledgeable and easy to deal with, we will use their help the next time we start with this process.

We will point out that companies that are applying for central approval must allocate internal resources, so that a simple and fast process can be carried out together with Internsikring.

Tripletex delivers a complete cloud-based economy system. The system consists of modules for accounting, invoice, salary, time management, project management and CRM.

It is built of self-chosen modules, which are installed seamlessly. The system is suitable for both large and small businesses.

Tripletex is based on smart and intuitive solutions, with good APIs and automation. This way, users can do a large part of the accounting work themselves, and they can connect to other systems they need.

Tripletex AS

CEO Hege Oustad

Uni Micro AS

Uni Micro is one of Norway's leading providers of software for business and administration, and has 30 years of experience in the industry.

The company has over 37,000 users. In 2015 they were voted best in PC World Tests for the sixth consecutive year.

The functional and user-friendly solutions are integrable with the management system from Internsikring AS.

Uni Micro AS
Kjartan Brurås Solvi

Bergen Fiber

Bergen Fiber AS has received assistance to become an Eco-Lighthouse certified with the help of Internsikring AS, and has through the certification process developed recognized and effective tools that help the company to create a competitive advantage in sustainability.

Upon certification, Bergen Fiber AS thus meets environmental requirements in public procurement, through a systematic work with waste management, energy use, purchasing and transport. This is good for both the environment and the company's bottom line, where measurement and planning yield profitable results.

Låssenteret AS

Låssenteret AS has received assistance for environmental lighthouse certification from Internsikring AS. The lock center is concerned with our social responsibility and takes the environment and environmental impacts seriously.

Eco-lighthouse certification is recognized by the authorities in public procurement, and approved as environmental documentation in tender competitions.

Environmental impacts are not only about routines and procedures for how to sort waste or how much energy you use, but also about the purchases that are made and the requirements that are set for products and services.


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